Preventive Dentistry in Waxahachie

Preserve your smile for life at Waxahachie Family Dentistry®.

Dr. Scott Clinton, Dr. Nick Acosta, and Dr. Todd understand the importance of routine oral health care and proper home habits.

Preventative dentistry starts with maintaining good daily brushing and flossing habits to ensure your smile stays healthy and bright. A balanced diet that is low in sugars and carbohydrates will also help to keep your mouth healthy. Avoiding tobacco and moderating alcohol is yet another way to help reduce the chances of gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. These healthy habits alone, however, can only do so much. It’s essential to ensure you are visiting a dentist for regular checkups and screenings.

Your incredible smile won’t last as long without a solid foundation. We want our patients to achieve maximum health, beauty, and comfort, so we provide thorough preventive maintenance for your smile.

What to Expect During Your First Dental Visit

A new patient visit takes about one hour. We will review your medical history and we will perform a clinical exam, which includes the following:

Oral Cancer Screening:
Your dentist will perform a visual & physical exam of the tongue, jaw, cheeks, and chin to look for signs of oral cancer such as swelling, discolored patches, bumps, or other abnormalities.

Periodontal evaluation:
Your dentist will take measurements of the space between the tooth & gums, and will check for signs of inflamed tissue.

Bite Analysis:
A TMJ and occlusal (bite) analysis looks at the position of your jaw when you bite down. Your dentist will look for dysfunctions in your bite such as worn, cracked or broken teeth, pain while chewing, gum recession.

Tooth-By-Tooth Assessment:
Your dentist will evaluate each tooth and check for any issues that may need to be addressed, such as decay or the early warning signs thereof, and general tooth health.

Once our dentist has gained an accurate idea of your status, he will construct a treatment plan to correct problems and re-establish optimal oral health. Our dentists will also provide tips on maintaining optimum oral health through good brushing & flossing habits. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!